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Dress Smashingly
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hmph ✖ over the shoulder
Hmph... A school? Out of all places, why did I end up here...? It was Maria that taught me what I needed to know. I don't need some... school to learn. I'm not a child.
5 Jan, 2012 - JUST FOR FUN
Wait... This doesn't look like my workshop...

Any of you bozos seen a bear with a blue backpack walking around campus? Name's Banjo. He's sort of my best friend I bet he got himself lost again. I just take a few minutes away on my own and this happens...I could have sworn he couldn't even run that fast with those little fat legs of his! He needs me for that!
[He's waited for this moment for so long.


He sucks in a deep breath. The PA speakers sit before him. So sorry, Smash Academy. That archaic tone? You got it. That would be him.

What a miserable place I've come to... Everywhere I look, mortals running around their meaningless lives as if they mattered. Taking this realm for my own would be doing them all a favour...
21 Dec, 2011(no subject)
[There's a white thing with wings and a halo on top of its head(?) floating around the campus. It pauses between traveling down a few feet, as if its unsure where to go.

Other times...

There's a white-haired boy(?) with a smile on his face as he's wandering down the hallways.

Care to approach?]
18 Dec, 2011(no subject)
[Got an ailment? Need curing? Mosey on down to the assistant nurse's office!]

[Para-Medic is sitting at her desk, waiting for YOU. Or anyone.]
[You may notice someone wandering around campus, sitting in places. Listening to his music by those big headphones over his ears.

And that if you come near him and you don't really know him, he's going to call you trash.

Why don't you do it anyways?]
Your valiance is aggravatingly unending.
[Ganondorf was off on one of his annoyingly frequent hiatuses from the world of the living. This put Dark Link in something of a predicament. Utter boredom. Being alone and purposeless left the magically created silhouette feeling gutted and flat. He hated it. After all, a shadow with no caster has no business existing. He could derive momentary satisfaction from blending in amongst real shadows, but he yearned to latch onto something living.

So be wary Smash, or else a restless, malevolent entity may chose you as his new form of amusement.
6 Dec, 2011 - balls
15/Lets turn forever you and me
Once it was snowing.

And there was.

A bat.

Or a girl.


[Sup, Smash, another newbie at 2 o'clock there. Even though it's the afternoon, the tiny blond is still stretching her arms out, not because she just woke up, no sir! She's just not used to those goshdarn trains.]

Hmm~ Trains are sure tiring after awhile. I wonder if I got the right address though, but it looks like the place! [She puts her finger on her chin and ponder, and ponder.

Help the girl out?
28 Nov, 2011(no subject)
lol hi
Well howdy there!

I heard here that this school was looking for a new psychologist?

Well, you've come to the right place! I can solve all your therapy needs in one hour or less!


He's just kind of wandering around the school grounds like a CREEP wait hasn't he been here before in a DR post long ago?]
27 Nov, 2011(no subject)
[There's a white-haired handsome guy looking a bit lost. He's wandering around the campus, peering into classrooms and, occasionally, into closets. Or anywhere that looks dark and quiet. Were there caves on the campus?

He doesn't seem to be very sociable, but feel free to approach?]
27 Nov, 2011(no subject)
[Once, there was a Snake. Sitting in the library. Reading a book on wolves.]
26 Nov, 2011(no subject)
[There's a boy dressed in purple holding a red book, adjusting his glasses as he's taking a look around the school.]

Smash Academy... Would it have the resources I need for my research?

[He's definitely mumbling to himself, What a weird guy.]
26 Nov, 2011(no subject)
[A little guy that looks like the lovechild of a rat and rabbit dressed in armor is exploring the school. Despite lugging around a sword and having a jet pack strapped to his back, he doesn't look too intimidating.

Occasionally he stops to read the signs on the buildings. The fellow appears to be looking for a specific place. Care to help him out?]
24 Nov, 2011(no subject)
this machete was made for you and me
[A man with gray hair and a red headband in a trenchcoat strolls up to the school, stops and stares. He seems to be very deep in thought. Care to annoy him?]
[There's an eyepatched man sauntering down the streets of FDC, and if it were possible to wear any more snakeskin, he could actually be some sort of humanized snake. He's walking around like he owns the place, swinging around a baseball bat as he goes about his way.

He's singing, too. He is a terrible singer. There's a pop song being being bellowed out to the sky, sounding as though someone was wringing a hyena.]

This crrrrrazy heartbeat, I believe in it now! Leeeet's change myseeeelf ~
visor; this one's on him
[Thus he stands, poised and with an unrivalled confidence. This man, he knows as he stares at the administrative building, that there is something grand here.

Something. That perhaps he's been missing.

He can smell you, Trite. Yes. Even over blend #76. It's the thrill of the chase that's gotten him now.

So will you dare approach the man who looks like a bad parody of Cyclops? Or will you simply admire him as he sips from his coffee cup?


Where'd he get the coffee from?]
So Smash, if this recent Plurk meme has shown us anything, it's that we all have way too much time on our hands way too many potentials swimming about our heads that for some reason we can't do. So let's just have some fun with it!

Start threads for whoever you want to mess around with, bring your canon characters to the party, let's just have fun with it!
8 Nov, 2011(no subject)
[And then, a mouse in a hat and cape materializes, holding a key.]Collapse )

... Oh. I suppose I should have expected something like that to happen, given the circumstances... but it doesn't look like I'm supposed to fight anyone here?

Which brings me to my next question: Where is here?

((This is a clean-slated Daroach. I can't force your characters to forget about the previous one, but I'd really prefer it if they did.))
6 Nov, 2011(no subject)
[Is that... Noooo... Is it really?

It is. Melissa Woodward. At 11-years old now, she stands significantly taller. Her arms and legs are more muscular, her hair is much longer (and pulled into one, long braid), and her skin is slightly tanned. Interestingly, she's also got herself a fancy scimitar, too.

She looks almost unrecognizable now. Ah, but she's still wearing that signature bratty pout of hers.

A little birdy told her that a special someone was back at the Academy. She was now ON A MISSION; determined to find the Gerudo King.]
31 Oct, 2011(no subject)
[Helloooo SBG, looks likes there's another arrival on the school ground, two even! If it weren't their clothes, you almost can't tell them apart. Almost. Their faces are.... rather creepy to be honest. The one in black was frowning and observing the grounds while the one in white was just looking around with excitement(?) as he was munching some snack.

If you were staring at either of them, the smiling one would stop eating his snack and would try to approach you. Oh dear.

((OOC: As a future note, either Emmet or Ingo would reply, but both would likely to reply too.))
28 Oct, 2011 - DON'T MIND ME.
[It's one of those days, Smash. The scent of autumn has settled in, but there's that slight trace of winter in the air when the wind blows. The changing of seasons seems to bring in quite a lot of things.

Like... Robots.

In fact, if you listened particular day, you'd hear some damn good whistling of sorts traveling through the wind. Upon closer inspection, there appears to be a brobot sitting up on the rooftops. Like a badass who goes where the wind takes him.

1 Nov, 2011(no subject)
[Hello Smash, looks like you have another visitor checking around the school. He kinda resembles someone though, but the chances of them being related are pretty slim, huh?

He's looking at the flyer and then back at the school.]

This should be the place...

[He notices you and approaches.]

Oh, excuse me...!
28 Oct, 2011 - i miss playing her 8'C

That awful presence that had lingered through the school so long ago seemed to be back. Perhaps it was because of the holiday fast approaching, or perhaps it was something else...

Also, when did Dana get her hair dyed again? Pfft, who knows... Also when did she change out her blue diamond for a red one? HMMMM.... At least her outfit didnt go orange as well!

Don't think too much of it, especially when she stomps past you or just shoves her way through a crowd. Nothing out of the ordinary for her!!
24 Oct, 2011(no subject)
[A wild Barry has appeared! No,but seriously, he has no idea where he is right now. That's what reckless running around can do; make you forget where you're heading next!

At one moment, he was at the Fight Area at Sinnoh and at the next, he found himself on a campus with many strange people around! Great, just great.]

I'm not lost, I'm not lost... I'm just taking a shortcut, this is obviously the faster way to get home! Yeah, just keep telling yourself that, Barry.

[The blonde kept wondering around the huge campus, looking desperately for any building he recognized, but failed. And as you can tell, his sense of direction is not the greatest out there.

He spots a small bench, free of people, and decides to make a pit stop here for now. Care to help him return home?]
21 Oct, 2011(no subject)
[There's a yellow plant with a mouth hopping around the campus if you happened to look outside.

Other times, though, there's a girl curiously peeking into the empty classrooms.

Would you like to approach?]

((You can pick which version to interact???))
[A sexy dirty blonde enters the schoolyard. He's dressed in a tux and long coat with a bouquet of flowers tucked gently under his arm. Who are they for? Why don't you ask him and find out.]
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